Softwrae and Application Lifecycle Maintenance and Support

Having an application developed is just half the story. A proper support and maintenance is vital to the applications health and continued ROI. Up to 50% of the cost of software ownership goes into Application Maintenance and support. We understand the need for organizations of all sizes to have a safety net service which they can fall back to any critical issues arise.

Tivoga provides an optimal, agile based M&S service tailored to suit your business with custom SLAs, dedicated core assets and scalable solution providers.

M&S issues in a live application are the troublesome issues which need to be handled with at most care and should be subjected to scrutiny. This is especially true in case of bug fixes or security patches.

The full scope of M&S services offered by Tivoga covers from IT maintenance like server installations, addressing scalability issues, cost optimisation, Security testing, reliability and availability, and disaster recovery, to software issues including os and library updates, patches, syncing with 3rd party service updates and dealing with library or service obsolescence, database maintenance, optimisation etc. not to mention updating existing services and new feature additions.

Here’s how we do it

A thorough understanding – needless to say if the M&S service is to be effective, we need to have a to z of the application – the business process, requirements, software services and the hardware.

Open lines of communication – We establish multiple lines of communication for support requests, bug submissions with your user pool, engineers, operational and managerial staff to be in sync with issues and M&S schedule.

Monitoring – Catch the problem early – Our M&S service package comes with a proactive testing and vulnerability check service which tires to find issues before anyone has detected them. Early and proactive detection makes M&S easy and more through.


Full log of each problem instance and diagnostics

When a support issue or a bug is submitted, your origination would be able to see the complete history of the issue since its submission including all actions, communications, diagnostics, and addressals made to that issue. This provides you with a complete picture of how an issue is affecting your system and what is done to address it.

Time to escalate

Every issue submitted is given an ETA based on the its impact factor and complexity. Our M&S service is so set up to escalate unresolved issues automatically delegating higher resources and solutions engineers to address the issue with each escalation.