Professional AWS Certified Team for App Development Solutions

Previously, when an organization needed to have a software built, they were also required to design and provision the required IT infrastructure to house the said application with the required performance. You’d repeat this every time your organization scaled up or if you were expecting a spike in traffic. This also meant that during the hours that you didn’t’ have the peak traffic, your hardware was sitting idle.

Fast forward to the cloud and IT is suddenly a ‘configuration document’ instead of provisioned physical hardware. Cloud provides organizations with a reliable, affordable, scalable and distributed IT infrastructure and assorted managed services on that infrastructure. This is pretty much the reason why offices of all types and sizes – from startup to enterprises are looking to move to cloud at the earliest opportunity.

Why AWS?

There’s a bit of history to that..

I mentioned above that organizations with in-house IT can potentially have a non peak period where their servers are idle. You’d typically have servers to handle the highest peak load. The higher the peak from normal, the more the servers you’d have idle.

Take for instance site like Amazon on Easter day or holiday shopping. Orders of magnitude more than a normal day – more servers needed. And all those servers idle from the very next day. Having such a large server bank, Amazon started to invest heavily into R&D to provide an on-demand infrastructure and later cloud services called AWS.

The reason we at Tivoga Prefer to work with AWS is that R&D and the company’s transparency and their constant effort to provide more cost-effective and better services, wider network of data centers, more managed services, reporting and organizational tools, etc. Besides having security compliance such as PCI DSS, HIPAA etc.

It wouldn’t be overstatement to say Aws is leading the revolution in cloud services while the rest of the providers seem to play catch-up. Although this scenario may change in future.

Why Tivoga

  • We like and breathe cloud applications. They fit very well with our ethos of providing highly available, secure and scalable applications to our clients.
  • Between us Systems architects at Tivoga
  • So what can we do for you with AWS?
  • Scalable Custom web and mobile application development
  • Scalable workflow process streams to take the load off of your servers
  • Global content delivery
  • Reporting, Service notifications and fail-safe procedures
  • Petabyte-scale Data warehousing, Mining, Analytics.
  • Video and Data streaming,
  • Server-less applications
  • Cloud Migration Service
  • Hybrid deployments using in-house and cloud IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud on demand to aid your existing in-house Servers.

We’ve been developing software for over 8 years now and have about 20 man-years of experience working with AWS, cloud applications. We have also done more than 200 projects in cloud-based app development. This is where our clients say about our work.

Having a well-designed architecture and well-built application forms the basis of a stable web or a mobile application which would go on to have a higher ROI. Have a look at our development procedure here to get an idea of how we proceed with a project. Each project is given dedicated resources (manager, dev core, testing and maintenance engineers) with undivided attention. We take every project as an opportunity to make you a proud owner of the project and us proud to have executed it.