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1. Highly available, secure, scalable software. 2. Certified team of Architects,Engineers and developers
3. Reliable, Fail Safe, Always-on Services 4. Intricate Extendable Ensemble Systems.

Tivoga supported Cloud applications are defining new standards of software development. See how.

Security and Compliance

About AWS Application Development

Since it caught on, any application built is build to leverage the cloud – more than 70% of all business, according to CSA. Makes you wonder if there is any other kind of IT platform and how we ever managed without it.

Cloud doesn’t just offer the cost and management benefits but gives the freedom to build ‘the best possible’ application – and why not? On a traditional IT infra you have to accommodate a certain amount of traffic and hence distribute your resources in the order of importance. But no more.

Our specialist team of Certified Systems architects and developer engineers help you meet stringent govt compliance regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST and other regulations and business requirements on security, data and application maintenance and availability.

Applications which used to be server based designed to be monolithic are now cloud based ensemble Eco-spheres having many moving parts and interconnected services.

Owing to the cloud, We at Tivoga are now building apps which are highly specialised, ever more complex and intricate. Pretty much all back-end application developed is designed to be cloud ready and deployed in a scalable infrastructure – AWS, Azure, Google cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Development

No IT Infrastructure

The greatest advantage of using cloud services is that you dont have to own or manage any IT infrastructure. Instead the ownership and management is abstracted in to a services – either resources as service, SAAS, PAAS or FAAS.

Managed Services

Managed IT, software, resources, services are ready to go services to be used for use cases like user/session management, databases, db optimisation and caching, ephimeral services, communications, apis, etc. Most of the cloud providers let these serevcies to be used without any upfront costs or commitments. They are as easy as plug and play, endlessly scalable and priced on pay as you use model.

Lesser code

A properly designed cloud application using managed services as and where needed would give the abilitiy to delegate common and reusable parts of the application to greatly reduce the code needed to complete the project, given that parts of the project are developed, managed and maintained by the cloud provider. This leaves us to focus on the core of the application- the business logic.

High Quility fault tolerant deployments

Failure in applications is inevitbale. The best we can do is to be prepared for any forseen and unforseen failures. This is why applications are desigend with expecation of failure and fault tolerance in mind to begin with. IT resource, service redundancy, content, database caching, distribution, falut detection and rerouting, and recovery are some of the stratagies cloud applications employ to achive the required application availability.


Applicaitons these days are highly depnedant on users having a great user experience. They cannot afford to have IT resource bottlenecks to cater to varying amount traffic. Applications with built in scalability circumvents the problems of having to know the amount of traffic expected and be prepared for that. Servers and services can be provisioned and destroyed to suite the amount of traffic. This greatly reduces the cos

Our Projects


Measure is a US based drone service provider who offer property/asset assessment, piloting services, video and image analysis. Measure-GC is their software that helps them with their day to day activities. This is a secure, multi-tenant, multi-faceted application.
Tivoga supports and maintains the existing serverless based backend for their web and mobile application. As is with any emerging company, Measure-GC is constantly evolving and new features are added to it every week.

We made a seemless transition from the previous development team to support, maintain and provide additional development when needed. It is a fairly complex project, but made easy with coding abstractions, automated testing, deployment pipelines.


The Donation App is brain child of Joe Aryeetey. It helps chatrites manage donors, donations received, file giftaid claims to HMRC and claims filed previously.

This is a multi-tenant application with each tenant isolated from the other, each of the tenants financial details are securely stored isolated from each-other.

Security runs deep in this application, starting with SSL, CORS, XRF, data encryption at rest and transit, User management, Access Control, Access logs, Audit trail, etc.


The emerging freelance marketplace for gamaing animation and visual effects artists. GAFX online is a company based in Hyderabad with decades of experience in movie and short-film animation and visual effects. The core concept is to provide a platform for freelance artists to get in touch with and communicate with production houses, and to be able to provision secure storage space and isolated render farms needed for the job.

This absolves any necessity for the artist or the production house to have huge volumes of storage or compute power to complete the task. The cost of the storage, compute resources, and software are forwarded to the production house.

We are very much satisfied and happy with the cloud application development service that Tivoga has provided us. We have got a lot of innovative ideas and quick input from their team, we appreciate them for delivering quality cloud application services in limited time.


Well, I want to share my experience that when I am looking for cloud application development services, my friend has suggested me to hire Tivoga services. Within their services, we found their solutions are new, credible and very cost effective. We highly recommend Tivoga for all those who dream for a quality app, web and cloud development for their business.


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