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Security and Compliance

Django is an excellent choice of the web application development framework. It is Python based which makes it easy to code, debug, and build. And being python based also means that Django can pretty much do anything and everything a desktop application can do, thanks to the hundreds of thousands (literally) of libraries available on python.

Python and Django are programmers joy. It’s been around since 2005. Is incredibly fast compared to PHP or Java or javascript based applications. The only downside if any is that the framework works very well with relational DB’s – MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc. Though support for NoSQL DB’s like Mongo exists is steadily gaining popularity.

Django was created as a publishing application, but has soon evolved to be a full stack MVT web framework. There have been quite a few major applications that use Django at its core like the Washington post, Disqus, Instagram, and Mozilla.

Though Django doesn’t offer rest API support out of the box, it makes a very good choice for a solid – do it all – capable backend end even when developed to be used as a REST API. Django community has developed a dedicated REST API framework based on Django.

We’ve been doing Django application development for about 10 years, having a strong core in Django based full stack application development. You can be sure to leverage that experience and professionalism to develop, deploy and maintain a state of the art web or backend application.

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Django Python Application Development

  • Python based – leverage the support of the enormous python community and its libraries
  • Open source – the framework is guaranteed to be supported and maintained by Django foundation.
  • Secure – against some of the most debilitating security risks like X site scripting, SQL injection, phishing, accessible ports, unsecure data transfer,
  • Performance tuned – Being python based makes the application measurably faster than a comparable PHP, Java or javascript based application.
  • Faster development time – Python as a language tends to be in plain English. It also enforces strict coding standards and naming conventions – so the code you get is class A.
  • Cloud-ready – Django is readily supported by most of the cloud providers, including AWS, Azure and Google cloud.
  • Scalable – horizontally and vertically. Django works equally well as a single powerful server or as a distributed Server (horizontal scaling.)
  • Over 10+ years of experience in Software Development
  • Over 500+ projects done in various industries and technologies.
  • State of the art facility in Hyderabad, India.
  • Easy, transparent and comfortable to work with.
  • Dedicated project manager and client liaison.
  • Daily communications, weekly status reports.
  • Responsive Web applications
  • Gold standard development, testing and deployment procedures.
  • Much higher code quality of the finished application.
  • Bulletproof code, Disaster ready zero downtime deployments.
  • Nasscom and STPI accreditations
  • CMMi Level 3 standards maintained
  • Google Certified Partner
  • AWS Marketplace Partner

Tivoga has enabled us to reduce costs and increase productivity. Their team provides fast and reliable development support. We are very happy with the level of python services provided by them. I am extremely satisfied with the work. Thanks a lot.


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