Know you is know how

Know Your Business

Can’t build a ship without knowing the ocean.

If its a niche application or an enterprise application, it helps a lot to know the native working environment of the application. i.e the domain and the work the app is going to be used in. Helps to know about other similar apps as well.

If it’s an in-house or an intranet application, we’d want to know how your work. By that I mean your typical and atypical operations and corner cases. We especially want to know the workings of a typical organisation going to use the app and the problems you currently face that may have potentially led you to this idea. The problem we want to eliminate.

Typical use cases and environment the app is used in is what we are after.

This is a way to do justice to your idea. The result of this exercise makes the application that’s more tailored and make sense to that user.


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