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Marketing Trends in 2017

2016 saw some good changes to the landscape of small and medium businesses. Needless to say the market space is dynamic and effected by constantly evolving technologies. Here’s what 2017 has to offer for you.

Service Based industries

Businesses with highly targeted and niche client base are expected to increase. Deep intensive service rather than wide extensive. This makes for a better more specialised marketing and customer engagement strategy as well.

Automation Based service.

Internal automation is among the key focus are in most businesses. By utilising automation, businesses can reduce the amount of manual labour required from their employees and either eliminate that payroll expense or allow their employees to do tasks that are less mundane.

Though it has been around for decades, automation typically was restricted to companies which could afford the top names of IT Development consultancies. But emerging technologies and platforms have placed it within reach of most small and medium businesses.

Artificial intelligence is making its way in to businesses as a common tool be it marketing, customer engagement,customer data capture and data mining. More data is always welcome. It leads to more through analysis and knowledge building and finally better customer service.

IoT has to top the list of most interesting business sector to come up in 2017. There are more number of startups and more funding to this sector than with any other.


Social media Marketing is set to increase its share of marketing. with that the competition among businesses  to catch the users attention is growing intense and as a result Paid advertising in Social platforms is getting more expensive.

The way platforms publish organic content is due for an upgrade. Facebook has already done this. According to few studies done, your content may reach about 20% of your followers. This is done partly to reduce the followers being bombarded with promotional material and partly (well.. mostly)to promote businesses to opt for paid advertisements.

The work around for that would be a more targeted advertising, paid or otherwise. Also, as a trend in general, users are spending more and more time on mobile devices. Businesses need to develop strategies for multiple streams of content and promotions for specific focus groups and specific to devices.

Content based marketing has been a part of Social marketing for the past few years and will be increasingly so in 2017. Content based video marketing has been gaining momentum as an easy and readily available content for younger groups. Businesses cannot afford to ignore video content as it gives them an edge over competition and more access to client base.

Most businesses have been focusing on Social media that SEO has taken a back seat in their marketing strategy. Google typically keeps changing the way it ranks web pages but with addition of AI learning, google may include more factors like usability and user experience. (Penguin 4.0 has been a game changer is page ranking algorithms and SEO.) For marketeers with SEO holds tangible profit with the sequential updates released.

More focus on Millennials. The generation than grew up in the internet is entering the workforce and coming of age. As baby boomers grow older, millennials are becoming a more important consumer demographic that businesses will have to cater to. They currently represent 37% of online market and growing. There have been good number of studies on this group to suggest their buying and decision making process are influenced extensively by price and peer recommendations on social sites. Quick and fast service seem to be the requirements of this group often willing to pay premium for such service.


Very thing mobile – from Marketing, sales to customer service. Integrated web and mobile applications are increasingly becoming tools of customer engagement, retention and brand establishment rather than targets of sales process. Mobile Applications in specific give the ability to deliver content – many a times personalised and targeted to the user directly which makes it invaluable to any marketing process. Especially in the B2C industries.

Mobile applications are set to see a good leap in tech and usability. We are currently using our mobile phones about 250 times a day. Younger groups use it pretty much every other minute. Device makers and service providers are pouring in tech to make a cutting edge for them selves with features like supercharged application services like the Google AMP, APP streaming services and increased app integrity and security. Numerous studies have shown that a faster better served application is more likely to have more view-ability and higher CTR.

This is particularly important as the portion of mobile based eCommerce far exceeds other platforms. These days ‘Wallets’ like Google Wallet and Apple Pay are favoured over Cards. If you are into e-commerce be sure to be into M-commerce.

The importance of User experience and interface has come to decide your application’s fate. Users tolerance to bugs and issues in a released applications is getting down to zero. There are just so many contenders out there the users can try that they just move on. No second chance. You’d do the same.

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