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Security and Compliance

Over the past few years, Javascript based applications have been gaining increasing popularity. One – because its newer app building technology. Two and more importantly, the developer needs to know only one programming language to build an entire web application (which, if you think about, is in fact the case with any other form of application development).

Javascript has been used to give life to user interfaces and client facing portions of a web application. Js was traditionally run on a browser, but not as an application. The way full Js application development has been possible is with the use of Js in backend for server applications.

Enter Node. An open source javascript execution environment which lets you use Js as any other scripting language.

Node is a minimalist execution environment. By itself it can do a fair few tricks. But node gets its features and functions from the gazillion node libraries that make for its versatility. Node can be used to build pretty much in any type of application development from the desktop, micro controller, server, web application etc.

Two of the common node use cases are MEAN stack application and Serverless application development. Though Node can be used directly to build a rock solid, secure web application, using MEAN stack makes better sense.

NodeJs absolutely shine in serverless application development. Of course, AWS, google cloud and azure let you use other languages to build lambda functions and the like, but it helps a great deal to be able to use JS inherent asynchronous architecture. This means the server can handle time consuming, complex business logic without a hiccup still be free to be responsive to incoming requests. And, as a perk, you get to have the entire application developed in the same language.

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Node JS Development

  • High functional Server applications – build efficient, robust server applications leveraging the inherent JS architecture.
  • Open source community supported – Node is a free community supported project, guaranteeing security and transparency.
  • Vast and Versatile library functions – Node draws its functionality from millions of libraries loved and supported by the open source community.
  • Secure applications – Provides inbuilt security features to common web application threats like cross site scripting, SQL injection, phishing, denial of service attacks etc.
  • Graceful error handling – build bullet proof and stable applications with Node’s error handling architecture.
  • Scalable, cloud ready – Node is the preferred and primary supported language for most of the cloud service provides including AWS, Google cloud and azure.
  • Web application development services
  • Lambda services development
  • Node scripting
  • Standalone application development
  • Custom server appliaction development
  • Nodejs Migration
  • Over 10+ years of experience in Software Development
  • Over 500+ projects done in various industries and technologies.
  • State of the art facility in Hyderabad, India.
  • Easy, transparent and comfortable to work with.
  • Dedicated project manager and client liaison.
  • Daily communications, weekly status reports.
  • Responsive Web applications
  • Gold standard development, testing and deployment procedures.
  • Much higher code quality of the finished application.
  • Bulletproof code, Disaster ready zero downtime deployments.
  • Nasscom and STPI accreditations
  • CMMi Level 3 standards maintained
  • Google Certified Partner
  • AWS Marketplace Partner

Tivoga team were great to work with. Every part of the process went as per the agreed schedule, and in most cases, exceeded my expectations. Especially I like your fast response to our request. Highly recommend, and will continue to use their services for future projects.


The development team of Tivago has fulfilled our expectations in terms of delivery schedule, quality and budget conformance. We will gladly place development orders to Tivago and also recommend to others for their node js development needs.


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