Aws Application Development Services India


Bob Works is a think tank in Huntsville, Al. And our old friend.

They has a great new idea of in transit text security and encryption. Far better than what’s available out there..

Next thing you know the idea is shaped to a messaging application. It’s currently in the beta stage.

The app looks and feels better than any other messaging app. The strong processer intensive encryption process is threaded – hardly noticed by the user. Other than the encryption the app gives the sender the control over his messages at the recipients end.

I can keep going a lot about this project.. and i’ll do that after the app is on the market.

– Next to build the app for Android…

Cloud Application Development Services India


Net Storming is a Hotel Information Exchange service provider based in Italy.

Its folks like these that help you book any hotel through any site.

A couple of months back they stared a new integration with few more service providers.

We developed the integration plugins to between the joining systems. Data comes in one format, often incomplete as far as the recipient is concerned, with different jargon and idiosyncrasies

All that needs to be mapped to Netstorming’s data holders.

The interfaces we created need to be extremely reliable and robust. They are executed several thousand times a day. and not to mention the accuracy and completeness of data received. we cannot afford to get something wrong nor ignore any data.

Ended up Building four such integrations for them..