Freight Connect

Freight Connect is a Freight and shipping company in Australia.  Vick Ram wanted to have a system which would enable visitors to his web site get an instant quote for their freight queries, and the back end office to manage client relations and freight shipments and staff management integrated in to a single seamless application.

The application we built for them can handle more than 50,000 simultaneous freight operations over different modes of transport.In addition to standard CRM functions of customer engagement and Financial analysis, it can assign, help track, update and intimate clients about updates regarding their freight. FC now enjoys as reliable enterprise grade fault resistant application for their office to serve their clients from.

They can now instantly and automatically generate a quote, have an associate follow up it up, schedule a picup, assign staff to the job, keep track, and accept customer payments directly on the site.

Client: Freight Connect
Skills: Web Design, Web Application Development
Tools: Laravel, Php




Date published

November 11, 2017