Sevron is a Health and safety management consultancy in Preston, U.K. They use infusion soft campaigns to generate different leads. It works quite well for them.

A contact would fill-out a form (at various locations managed by infusionsoft) to his specific industry/work setting.

Sevron goes through each and every lead and their data thus collected and assigns the lead to one of their sales manager to follow up. This process was done manually. It worked well but couldn’t scale the same as infusionsoft campaigns.

They wanted a system which would integrate with infusionsoft api, bring in the leads from there, help them assign the imported leads to their various managers specializing in different fields.

They were in need of a system which would comprehensively store communications, followups with the lead, documents – (quotes, marketing material) that a manager wants to have and share with a lead, Products and Subscriptions the lead has purchased or is interested in and Product or subscription renewals and after sales.

In addition to this, leads from infusionsoft belonging to the same company needed to be grouped in to a single lead group.


The system we developed imports contacts,
Segregates them to an individual in the organisation,
manages lead’s interests,
Communications, Quotations, Documents
Renewals and Reporting.

Routing Rules

We came up with the segregation rules as an endlessly configurable text based routing system that work on data the lead has filled-out at infusionSoft and any actions or products listed as interests.

it follows the format: field [operator (= , !=, <, <=, >, >=) ] [comma separated value set]

For Eg: A rule can be :

industry = ‘chem and petro’ -> managerA

Manager A gets leads from the Petrochemical Industry

industry != [‘chem and petro’, ‘Biotech’] -> managerB

Manager B gets all except the leads from Petrochemical Industry or the Biotech industry

In addition you can set a rule to ‘override’ to give them top priority than the non ‘override’ ones.

The system imports leads automatically every 10 minutes and loads them on to the page and notifies the manager of any lead assignments real-time.


LMS generates reminder mails about Contract status, product expiry, lead follow ups etc. greatly help sales managers track their customers.


PDF and graph Reports of products, subscriptions and categories could be pulled up against time frame, manager, area etc.


LMS provides Sevron managers with a configurable Access Control which lets them pick and choose what a users or a user groups can or not do. Standard security measures – protection against Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection and SSL encryption, database encryption are in place from the get-go.

Leads on Map

Another productive feature on LMS is to be able to display the locations of leads on a map given a postcode and distance from it.  This is useful to marketing personnel on field to see they have any more leads to meet near a given address.

We achieved this by importing latitude and longitudes of all post codes in UK., compute the distance, and short list the ones with in the given distance.


The first MVP of the project was implemented in Cakephp,with a generic bootstrap UI. The Production version was developed on Laravel with better Material design UI and MySQL database on a typical lamp server.

The project is housed internally at Sevron.

Time frame

The project was delivered in about 4 months from initial detail to production server installation.




Date published

May 16, 2017