Darren Fisher is a Business Consultant in Wisconsin, Md.

He is a professional coach and helps organisations and individuals set and achieve their goals. He does this through his self developed system of iterative task plan, execution and feedback called SPEAR.


SPEAR is to Strategize, Plan, Execute, Analyse and Realign. it takes you through the process of identifying your goals for a given period of time typically a quarter, sketch out list of things to do towards that goal on a weekly and daily basis.

Whats different this time is that you feedback your self as to how a day or a week plan went. What went great, not so great, why things went wrong, and what you’d like to do differently the next time you set out to plan.

All of this was done with excel sheets and printed forms to help his clients to through the SPEAR process.


We developed SPEARity to be a means for Darren’s clients to quickly and readily access their past information and make that information available to him (their coach).

Our system moves his clients from a paper based forms to web based. Opening up features like
Reports, Progress,
Dashboards, Task status,
Delegation, Followup,
Sync to Google Calendar etc.

Primarily it provides a clean UI where the feedback is available for the next session of planing.

Each user is encouraged to have 4 quarterly goals. Each goal has its own plan of action and a weekly and daily plans to work towards that goal. The user can plan organize, delegate and share to-dos and work more like an organisation as opposed to working with spreadsheets. Executives can also set and monitor the progress of each of delegated To-Dos.

As the user works towards the goal he can set the goal completed percentage.

Spearity integrates with Google Calendars to help users sync their tasks and plans to a single organizer.


Organisations can have accounts and actions and data in an account is not accessible by any one outside the account other than the permitted coach.

With in the account users can

  • share plans,
  • delegate tasks,
  • have common task categories,
  • view team goals and progress,


Spearity integrates with Zoho Subscriptions to implement Software As A Subscription Model. A newly created account is given a trial period after which the account is either renewed or closed. The system keeps in sync with Zoho using web-hooks to get any updates on a subscription.


Spearity lets users compose a quarterly report to include all tasks and plans they think are important in addition to the goals and goal progress till date.

The system generates weekly and daily digest reports containing plans and tasks to do for each user and emails them. Managers of users and Admin of account get reports of their users tasks completed, performance, usage metrics and account statistics.

Darren gets a report of all users he is coaching, system metrics and user metrics.


The Production version was developed on MEAN stack with better Material design UI on a Ubuntu server.

The project is hosted at AWS.

Server Maintenance

Safety measures like Server and service redundancy, periodic database backups, server health checks are performed regularly to provide a zero downtime deployment.


Spearity comes with a configurable Access Control which lets them pick and choose what a users or a user groups can or not do. Standard security measures – protection against Cross Site Scripting (XSS), SQL injection and SSL encryption, database encryption are in place from the get-go.

Time frame

The project was delivered in about 6 months from initial detail to production server installation.




Date published

June 16, 2017