the continues process of application support and maintananace

Product Life cycle & Maintenance

App Ticking away nicely? Great.

When people like a product they buy, you’d want to order some more. Same with software development.

Feature Extension

Your users will suggest a whole range of new features they wish to see in the app. Some more pertinent than others. If they didn’t, then something is terribly wrong or the app in incredibly perfect. Chances are its the former.

If not for the user suggestions, it’s a great marketing and engaging strategy to show your customers that you are improving your product.

What ever reason, improving the app is always a great idea. (I said ‘improving’, not adding more and more features. It may include trimming some fat.)

We go about it exactly the same way as we did the initial development. Specs first, Milestones, and iterative development, testing, security, all on the staging server. It worked before..

The production server your clients use is untouched until the date the work is complete and signed off by you.


Scheduled maintenance is required for every server. Clean up trash, update the dependent tools, O.S if needed, check the backups etc.

Over time you will have gathered more and more users and generated a lot of traffic on the site. You may or may not notice the drop in server performance which is its way of asking for more hands. Remember the weekly server health reports we get, they tell us if such a situation is imminent.

This is when you scale up your servers. There are lots of ways of doing this based your business, geography, volume and type of application.