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3. Reliable, Fail Safe, Always-on Services 4. Intricate Extendable Ensemble Systems.

Tivoga supported Cloud applications are defining new standards of software development. See how.

Security and Compliance

Server-less offers another layer of abstraction on how an app is constructed and also how it’s designed.

The traditional server is a web application written in a language of the developer’s choice which sits on an ‘always on’ device receiving and responding to your requests.

Since then it made sense to have the back-end of the application handle just that – the back end logic of the application and to develop the app as an API, and moving the UI, UX to a rich front end or a single page application or a mobile application.

Server-less application is not an entirely honest name for the concept. You do have a server of a sort which awaits your requests and responds to it as needed. What it essentially is, is consolidating some of the commonly used features of a server application and leave customisation and configuration in the developer’s hand.

A Server-less offers an event-based ecosystem. i.e something happens when something else triggered it. It’s fairly easy to boil an application down to this schema.

In fact, this service is mostly referred to FAAS – function as a service. All the logic layer a web application ever had functioned calling other functions as needed.

Serverless is an architectural type of a Microservice application. We at Tivoga Prefer to build serverless application any day given the advantages it offers out of the box. That’s pretty much the reason we are so good at it. We have developed about 50 serverless applications till date across applications ranging from ERPs, CRM, Mobile Management consoles, Services industries, Education, Finance and Tech support.

Get it to touch with us, see how we can make a difference with our development team of top-notch certified architects and cloud engineers with experience of working on projects complex execution requirements, stringent compliance, security, and business requirements.

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Serverless Application Development

  • Lesser code
  • Lesser time to code
  • More economical application
  • Faster time to market
  • Lesser bugs, better testing.
  • Scalable by default.
  • Multi-language Support
  • Micro service Architecture
  • Backend Application design and development
  • Serverless Migration
  • Optimization
  • Distributed deployment
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Over 10+ years of experience in Software Development
  • Over 500+ projects done in various industries and technologies.
  • State of the art facility in Hyderabad, India.
  • Easy, transparent and comfortable to work with.
  • Dedicated project manager and client liaison.
  • Daily communications, weekly status reports.
  • Responsive Web applications
  • Gold standard development, testing and deployment procedures.
  • Much higher code quality of the finished application.
  • Bulletproof code, Disaster ready zero downtime deployments.
  • Nasscom and STPI accreditations
  • CMMi Level 3 standards maintained
  • Google Certified Partner
  • AWS Marketplace Partner

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