Quality assurance and stamp of approval

Verification & Quality Assurance

Staging Server

Through out the development period, we have a test server running so you can follow what’s going on and use the app as its being built. This is a platform similar to the production server the application is going to be hosted on.

All development work is updated to the staging server as its changed. The version of the application running on this represents the latest code status available.

This is also a good place for you to invite test users to play around.

After the development is over. We are ready to deliver the product, it falls upon you to check and verify you get what you bargained for.

Feature and specification verification is the easy part, this is the process of ticking off form and function of the app.

Code Review

This is where someone has to dive deep in to the code and see what’s in it. Getting in to the code can be a daunting task. Thank fully, there are specialists who offer this service explicitly. You can do this your self if you are versed with programming and the project is relatively small.

What the reviewer checks for is the quality of work. The elegancy of problem solving, code structure, adherence to coding, naming, and testing practices, documentation, data integrity, security loopholes and lapses and conformity to standards if listed in the specs.

Essentially the code needs to be easy even for a novice to understand what’s happening, follow a theme or a pattern across the entire app about how code is organised so that it’s easier to find a section of code responsible for a given action in a given module. The form and function of the code should be able to give its location and like wise reading the code should tell you what and how it does.

Once the review process is complete, you have your product.